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Interaction with customers takes the lion’s share of the time of the sales and sales department of any company. At the same time, the process of attracting new customers and measures aimed at keeping existing ones play an equally important role.

At the same time, we note several simple but important facts:

Finding and attracting new customer’s costs the company several times more than retaining existing customers.About 50% (and sometimes more) of customers in the customer base are simply inactive due to inefficient work with them, which means they do not bring profit.It is enough to increase the percentage of customer retention by only 4-5%, and the company’s profit in the shortest possible time can grow by 80-100%. You can find out about financial crm here now.

Thus, the success and effectiveness of the activity of any enterprise directly depends on how well the customer relations are organized. Typically, the system of customer relationship management includes three main areas – the attraction, retention and further development of relations. We will describe each of the three concepts in more detail below, but for now we only note that the first process (attraction) is usually characterized by substantial financial and time costs, while the success of the other two – retention and development – depends largely on the efficiency of the company’s management. In all three areas there are various strategies and techniques, the choice of which today is practically unlimited.

Attraction of new clients

Why do some organizations have an extensive and constantly replenished customer base, while other companies have to struggle for virtually every customer? The answer is obvious: in the case of the first, there is a well-established and effective system for attracting customers, but the second one needs to work a lot and hard on this issue.

  • Today, there are many tools, methods and techniques for finding and attracting new customers. First of all, the following technologies can be attributed here:
  • “Cold calls” is one of the most efficient methods in modern business, since it is direct sales technology that can provide the most rapid influx of customers.
  • Advertising in all its forms and types (including the so-called “word of mouth”) is the indisputable engine of commerce, bringing the company a larger share of customers- Stimulating primary sales (sampling, presentations, demonstrations, tastings, promotions, etc.

Customer retention

Retaining existing customers is usually much more difficult than finding. However, today you can find at least effective tools for this process.

In everyday work with existing customers we should not forget about a few important points. First, buyers need to be tirelessly stimulated to continue cooperation, and secondly, they should be encouraged in every way. A good method in the first case will be a regular reminder about yourself (all kinds of mailing, actual quotations, personal contact with the customer), but will be an ideal tool to promote all sorts of promotions and bonus offers, loyalty programs and so forth.

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